Project I.G.I.

Project I.G.I.


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IGI is UP! Available at SDA

20.5.2018 – Our record in levels 6 and 10 were unofficially beaten by Haseeb Mir. Good job! 🙂

27.8.2009 – Run verified, rendered, uploaded. Enjoy 🙂 Final SDA time is 44 minutes, 48,5 seconds!

4.5.2009 – Our run was officially verified by SDA. Now we have to wait a little more… But hopefully not too long 🙂

24.4.2009 – We added a new page on our site – „Detailed information“. You can find there all important and „behind the scenes“ information about the speedrun. And it’s still not completed. We will also add there soon special comment to each level. And maybe something more 🙂

12.4.2009 – We were informed, that SDA finally found second verifier, so the verification process is now in progress. As soon as we know anything new, you’ll find it here 🙂

2.3.2009 We decided not to wait for SDA verification. We are going to render and upload the whole run (with our timing) on our site and on youtube. And we are planning to modify this site to bring you the best experience.

14.12.2008 – AviSynth troubles are now solved (with proper plugin). Nothing is between us and successful verification 🙂

10.12.2008 – Our run has been added in the „verification topic“ on SDA. So everything we can do is wait. Now we are trying to solve some AviSynth trouble and we hope that our run will be soon online. As soon as the verification is successful, we will also render XviD version and 1 long video with all levels and no animations and everything will be also uploaded on Youtube. If you just can’t wait anymore, chech the Browse and Download section and then the „Verification“ directory. You are NOT allowed to share these files because it’s not the final version. Delete it after you saw it.

4.12.2008 – We solved all major rendering problems and we can start uploading one level after another. Check the Browse and download section. There is nothing new yet 🙂

Unfortunately we discovered that sound in records of levels 5 and 13 are too loud and it makes weird noise. It’s nothing extreme, but even after bass reduction I can still hear it 🙁 . Other levels are ok and sound good. We’ll try to reduce this as much as possible.

3.12.2008 – Sample files available. We are now waiting for SDA’s decision about our quality settings. It shouldn’t last long.

Speedrun information

First IGI recording – 13.7.2006
Last IGI recording – 1.12.2008
First completed run – 8.8.2006 (total time 1h 01m 23s)
Size of „source“ files – 24,7 GB

Here are the final times (rounded up) with old times in brackets. These times are WITH ingame animations but SDA timing is WITHOUT them.

L01 – 1:06 (1:23)
L02 – 1:51 (1:53)
L03 – 4:52 (5:06)
L04 – 4:41 (4:41)
L05 – 2:31 (3:58)
L06 – 3:14 (4:47)
L07 – 3:28 (3:29)
L08 – 4:10 (5:00)
L09 – 2:52 (2:55)
L10 – 5:13 (5:17)
L11 – 4:15 (4:30)
L12 – 3:53 (5:25)
L13 – 3:42 (5:21)
L14 – 3:57 (7:36)

TOTAL TIME: 49m 38s (89 339 frames with 30 frames per second) SDA TIME: 44m 48,5s

In most levels there are bugs…They are not so obvious for casual player, but we (Kwoky and watchOut) found ways how to use them to have the speedrun faster. There are also many bugs which are pretty useless or very health consuming (not worth the loss). There’s very bad AI in this game. On easy difficulty enemies are unable to shoot you, even if you are standing right in front of their noses. Sometimes you have 70% of health and suddenly you are dead. That’s really depressing.

We spent a lot of time on research – jumping and glitches. We measured our jumping in the level 3 on the airport. It’s good to measure it there, because it’s long enough. Here are some of our results:
Walking forward (different weapons) – 1m 22s
walking sideways or backwards – 1m 40s
jumping forward – 1m 17s
jumping forward while shooting – 1m 17s
Kwoky’s „strafe“ – 1m 12,5s
watch0ut’s „strafe“ – 1m 13s

The speed is not affected by the weapon you hold in your hands. To know where to go, who to kill, where to fall and so on, we used sometimes a trainer for god mode and unlimited ammo. But the final speedrun in NOT affected by this „cheat“.

There is one problem with timing the run. I am able to skip intro of each level, but not the outro. So it must be included in the times. It hasn’t. SDA decided that timing should be without ingame animations. That means 5 extra minutes for us 🙂

WatchOut was the one, who inspired me to run this game. I loved it before, but forgot about it 🙂 He started playing and I saw, that IGI is very good game to speedrun. There is no save system during the missions which makes the game pretty hard (for casual players, that we were), even on „easy“ skill. We played it together, gave advices to each other and laughed a lot. WatchOut found most of the glitches and shortcuts, I just performed them faster 🙂 His times are also very good (1 second slower for example :D).

Thanks goes to InsaneB4st4rd, Ewil, nate and mikwuyma from SDA forum. They were all very helpful and our run would be impossible without their help.

Special thanks goes to SCM. He was the guy who tried to beat our times. So we had to improve our run and we improved it a lot more than we thought it is possible.



How to enter wall


Trailer (old run from 2006)