Half Life mods

Half Life mods

We tried to speedrun some Half Life mods and we were quite succesful. We try to learn how to bunnyhop but we use absolutely NO SCRIPTS for anything! We hope you will like our videos from Blbej den and GAMESTAR Episode.

Blbej den

Mod by Karyk (Michal Kamaryt) – website

Blbej den is a quite large mod made by Kary. Kwoky was beta-tester of it and therefore knows the mod pretty much. Our run is now 11 minutes and 14,5 seconds (22.5.2009), done in 13 segments, but we know it can be much faster. Maybe in the future…

Episode 4 Gamestar

Mod by P2K (Petr Skovajsa) – website

Episode 4 Gamestar is very small mod. Our current time is 1 minute and 53,2 seconds (2 segments) and it was finished 22.5.2009.