K zamyšlení

K zamyšlení

I wanna be immortal
Like a god in the sky
I wanna be a silk flower
Like I’m never gonna die
I wanna live forever
Forever in your heart
And we’ll always be together
From the end to the start

That’s what we do it for
To reserve a place
It’s just another part of the human race
That’s what we do it for
To reserve a space
In history it’s just
Part of the human race
Race, race, race, race

I’m forever chasing after time
But everybody dies, dies
If I could buy forever at a price
I would buy it twice, twice
But if the earth ends in fire
And the seas are frozen in time
There’ll be just one survivor
The memory that I was yours and you were mine
Everybody dies
Chasing after time

When you love somebody
They’ll always leave too soon
But a memory, a memory
Can make a flower bloom
We wanna be remembered
Don’t wanna live in vain
But nothing lasts forever
This world is in a losing game

I wanna mean something to somebody else
Feel a significance in the real world
It’s not enough to live out a lucky life

No, I don’t wanna be afraid, afraid to die
I just wanna be able to say that I have lived my life
Oh, all these things that humans do
To leave behind a little proof
But the only thing that doesn’t die is love

So keep me alive

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